Path of Shadows For 5e - Part II Playtest

(Part I of the playtest can be found here)

The second half of the Path of Shadows playtest is now available! This part of the playtest details class options for existing classes in D&D 5e. The options are:

  • Primal Path - Path of the Ghost Walker
  • Bard College - College of Secrecy
  • Divine Domain - Darkness
  • Druid Circle - Circle of the Stars
  • Martial Archetype - Hexblade
  • Sacred Oath - Oath of Radiance
  • Ranger Archetype - Unseen Warden
  • Roguish Archetype - Shadow Caller
  • Otherworldly Patron - Dream Eater

You can download the playtest document here.

Let me know what you guys think! You can join in on one of the discussion threads at Giant in the Playground or the Paizo forums.