Path of Iron Playtest is Live!


With the Kickstarter coming to a close within the week, I wanted to go ahead and release the playtest document early so current and potential backers have an idea of what Path of Iron has in store for them. You can download it from, DriveThruRPG, or directly from the Ascension Games site.

In this document, you'll find:

  • The archivist, a scholarly mage that uses the new runic magic system.
  • The saboteur, a sneaky infiltrator that is a master of traps and tricks.
  • The vanguard, a support-oriented caster that teams up with a construct.
  • The rune magic system, along with 120 "scripts", feats, and magic items.

Discussion threads will be made available on both and Giant in the Playground. You can also send feedback directly through the contact form on this website.

I hope you enjoy what's in store for Path of Iron!

Christopher Moore,
Ascension Games, LLC