Path of Iron Kickstarter is Live!

The Kickstarter campaign for Path of Iron is now live! Create constructs, make deadly traps, and delve into ancient rune magic with Ascension Game's latest Pathfinder Roleplaying Game book!

Path of Iron Kickstarter Page

A quick sampling of what you'll find within Path of Iron's 150+ pages of content:

  • Three new base classes: the construct-controlling vanguard, the trap master saboteur, and the rune-casting archivist.
  • Dozens of archetypes and options for your favorite classes. Use flurry of blows with a firearm as a Zen Marksman, utilize Spell Combat with a two-handed weapon as the Arcane Marauder magus, or tap into the mysterious souls of iron with the Metal spirit for shamans.
  • Several feats to support all kinds of play styles, as well as brand-new Technique feats to learn specialized methods of combat. Use the Archon Technique to master the tower shield, or the Titan Technique to wield massive weapons against your foes.
  • Over 80 spells for practically every magic user. Conjure innumerable weapons with the field of blades spell, animate a shield to defend you with dancing steel, and steal the power of magic items with the siphon enchantment spell.
  • New magic weapons, armor, wondrous items, and more. Destroy any barrier with the gatecrasher or keep your favorite equipment in good repair with the apprentice's whetstone.
  • Rune magic, a brand new form of magic casting where every spell grants the caster lingering power to strengthen his next spell.

Check here for a sample of the book featuring the vanguard base class.

The campaign will run for 30 days. With your help, we can make this massive book a reality!