Update to Path of Shadows to Prepare for Print

Path of Shadows has been updated to prepare for our print-on-demand edition that will soon be available on DriveThruRPG. This update will be available on all stores that we sell on.

Significant changes are noted below:


  • Formatting errors and typos are being corrected as they are discovered.

Chapter 1 – The Nightblade

  • The following spells were added at the indicated level to the nightblade spell list:
  • 0th – Open/Close
  • 1st – Discern Next of Kin
  • 2nd – Air Step, Anonymous Interaction, Focused Scrutiny, Share Memory
  • 3rd – Witness
  • 4th – Detect Scrying
  • Fear moved from 4th level spell to 3rd level, as was originally intended.

Chapter 4 – Spells

  • All spells of the shadow subschool now also have the shadow descriptor.
  • Summon horror book references in Table: Summon Horror have been corrected
  • Wall of Darkness now its duration listed (1 round/level)

Chapter 5 – Magic Items

  • Entropic raiment’s construction cost corrected
  • Ring of Shadow Mastery now properly references Dusk Strike nightblade art, rather than the older name of “Void Strike”