Path of Shadows has been released!

After six long months of work, Path of Shadows has been released! The book is a little over 80 pages when including the cover/credits/etc., and focuses on shadow magic and darkness magic.

Shadow magic as a spell subschool has always been a favorite of mine, but it's spell list is rather small at just over 20 spells among Pathfinder Roleplaying Game material. This book doubles the number of shadow spells and triples the number of darkness spells in Pathfinder, with spell such as shadow necromancy, curse of the lightless, grasp of darkness, and illusory strike. It also adds a new, in-depth class called the Nightblade which showcases the numerous capabilities of shadow magic.

Path of Shadows has several features, including:

  • The nightblade, a new 20-level base class that focuses on shadow and darkness magic. Choose from several specializations to cater the class to your liking, such as the deceptive Twilight Veil or the destructive Ravaging Void.
  • Variants and options for a dozen existing Pathfinder Roleplaying Game classes, such as the new Darkness mystery for oracles, the stygian striker magus, or the monk of the eclipsing moon.
  • Twenty-five new feats for characters of all stripes such as Terrifying Ambush and Lingering Shadows, including new racial feats for Fetchlings and Wayangs, the playable races that hail from the Plane of Shadow.
  • Nearly seventy new spells for almost every spell caster, from the lowly grasp of darkness and shadow necromancy to the terrifyingly powerful maw of the nightwave and entropic storm.
  • Several new magic items and weapon and armor properties, such as the necrotic weapon property or the mighty twilight reaver.

And it's all for just $10! You can buy it here on the Ascension Games store, or purchase it on DriveThruRPG and the d20pfsrd store . It should soon be purchasable on Paizo's store and, if all goes well, in print-on-demand format on DriveThruRPG so you can have a hard copy.